Ultimate Air Dogs
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The UAD calendar year starts on the first day of The Ultimate Air Games, and ends on the last day of the last event before The Ultimate Air Games.

5 "legs" (scores) in the same division earns a title - meaning if you attend an event and sign your dog up for 3 Splashes, and your dog gets 3 scores within the same division, your dog will have earned 3 "legs" towards his title. Each Splash = 1 leg towards your title as long as the dog jumps off the dock on his own will. (We do not allow a dog to be pushed in under any circumstances... in fact, you will be asked to leave the event if you mistreat your dog in any way!)

UAD Titles reset each calendar year.

Files are in Acrobat format:

(As of UADC Brockville's Ultimate Splash Down)

(NOTE: The Titles file will be updated bi-annually.)


For any questions about titles, please email us