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Dock Jumping is an exciting sport that has exploded across the country since its creation in 1997, and Ultimate Air Dogs is the premier Dock Jumping organization!

We produce professional shows that exhilarate audiences while maintaining a family-friendly atmosphere. Our shows become the feature of every festival or event that we do!

Many of our events entertain spectators numbering into the thousands, such as the National Cherry Festival, Asheville’s Bele Chere, the United Kennel Club (UKC) Premier, the Aflac Outdoor Games, select NASCAR races, and The Country Music Awards Festival.

People attending can expect fun times and they will learn new ways to have fun with their dogs. Dock jumping is all about the dogs and owners having fun, they are doing things that are natural for them. Once you start, you can't keep the dogs off the dock, they love it so much and we love seeing the look on the dogs' and owners' faces after a jump.

We encourage any size, mix or breed of dog to participate, which may be why we proudly have the largest database of canine athletes.

The main features of Ultimate Air Dogs are "Splash" and "Catch-it", and “Fetch-It”.

“Splash” is long distance jumping, and the main feature of our events. It is showcased in different rounds called “Splashes” that culminate at the end of the event with our Divisional Finals. Dogs run down a dock and fly into a pool, with the distance judged from the end of the dock to the base of the dog’s tail. Each competitor gets two jumps per Splash, with the bigger of the two jumps counting as their score. A dog’s score is placed into a division according to the distance, and a “Bubble” is made (and updated throughout the event) ranking all dogs during the extent of the event.

Dog and handler teams also earn annual titles on the Ultimate Air Dogs database by participating in a Splash. More information on titles is here.

“Catch-It” is a new twist on"Splash", invented by our founder Milt Wilcox, and only at Ultimate Air Dogs!!! It runs the same way as a Splash, where two jumps for each dog are judged by distance. However, the dog MUST catch the object thrown for the jump to count. And, as opposed to Splashes, where only the best jump is the score, both jumps will count IF and ONLY IF the object is caught (not handed off) on each jump. Then, the jump distances are added together for the score. Not only is it an added challenge for the dog to catch the throw object while in mid-air, it also requires added thought and strategy from the handler.

“Fetch-It” is a sport developed by Bill Richardson & Milt Wilcox, where a bumper is suspended 4ft off the water, and starting at a minimum distance of 10ft out, the dog must knock the bumper out of it’s hold within two trys in order to move to the next level. The bumper is moved out at 1ft increments and the dog that knocks the bumper off at the furthest distance wins. It is not only a sport of endurance and skill. It also helps your dog to jump farther in our regular Splashes as it trains his or her muscle memory... and it is only found at Ultimate Air Dogs!!!

“Demo’s” are free shows that are open to all dogs, unless otherwise noted on the event schedule. They are not judged or scored. They do not count towards legs and titles. Participating in a Demo is a great way to get experience on the dock in front of an audience for both you and your dog!

DIVISIONAL FINALS - Ultimate Air Dogs in the home of the Divisional Finals. We created these as a way to celebrate the smaller jumping dogs! We believe that the Novice Jumpers are just as special as the Ultimate Jumpers! Our primary focus is on each dog being the best that he or she can be, while just having a plain old, good time!

Here's how the Divisional Finals work. At the end of the last Splash of the weekend, the Event Secretary will compile the scores, taking each dog's one best jump of the entire event. If your dog competed in one or all of the Splashes, still only their best jump counts towards qualifying. Then, the Top 5 Dogs from each of the Divisions will be invited to participate in a Finals at no cost to them.

“Practice” is available at most events for a fee whenever time permits. If dogs are having difficulty learning, our crew of volunteers will often provide free help between activities. Every Ultimate Air Dog is equally special. All mixes and breeds are welcome!